Let's make vaping enjoyable

What we believe in

Easy to use

We strive to keep our products simple so the user is never lost with his/her device.

Well Made

We make sure that we use good quality materials and pay great attention to the final quality of our products.

Customer Service

Our pride and responsibility is to take care of our customers. We love to solve problems. Normally with a brew.

Made in UK

Supporting local businesses, we only use UK sourced materials and services.


It used to be a smoke break, nowadays it's a vape break (it lasts the whole day). It is still of equal importance now as it was then to building of relationships.


Every product goes through different iterations until we arrive at point where the product works great and also looks good. We all love nice things, our passion continues to grow.


We build more than just Mods. We build User Experience for everyone.

What our Customers say

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